Frequently asked questions

Do I need to live near the milk bank?

No we can collect donor milk from all over Scotland. If you live further away, we may ask if you can store larger volumes of milk in your freezer and drop it in to a collection site but we do try to take donors from all areas.


Can I donate milk I have already stored in my freezer?

Yes, but the milk must be pasteurised within 90 days so it's important to let the milk bank know as soon as possible so that it can be transported within that time. If you are donating milk already in your freezer, then remember to answer the health and lifestyle questions for that period.


Can you use the blood tests I had done antenataly?

No, unfortunately we can't. We do some extra screening tests which are not covered by your antenatal blood tests.


What happens to the milk?

The milk is tested for unwanted bacteria and pasteurised. All breast milk has bacteria in it, and in normal circumstances these are acceptable and actually helpful. However because our milk is used to feed preterm and sick infants we try to ensure no unwanted bacteria are present.

Once all the screening tests are concluded, the milk is relabelled and distributed throughout Scotland. Learn more here.