Want to become a donor


Currently you can donate till your baby is 10 and a half months old. We can also take stored milk that is less than 60 days old. We are hoping to make the donation period open ended in the next few months.


Who can donate milk?

You can donate milk if:


  • you are breast feeding or expressing  for your own baby

  • you are and remain in good health
  • you are able to commit to a period of donating


You cannot donate milk if:


  • you or anyone in your house smokes
  • you take certain medications (acceptable medications include thyroxine, asthma inhalers, mini pill). Please contact the milk bank to discuss medicatons you take routinely.

  • you have had a tattoo in the last 12 months

Although you are donating your breast milk, we screen you in exactly the same way as blood donation. You can find out more about the blood test that are carried out on our behalf by the Scottish NationalBlood Transfusion Service at Testing Blood - Information for Donors. On very rare occassions we do sometimes get false alarms from the automated testing. Please be assured these false reactions do not have any bearing on your health or the safety of your breast milk for your own baby. When we see a reaction, we carry out more detailed testing on the same sample to clarify the findings. If these tests are negative, we can be confident that the reactions are false and are due to technical problems only. They do however prevent us from using your breast milk. 



If you would like more information about donation or to get a donor pack please use the Contact Form and we will get back to as soon as we can. Please be aware that screening each donor costs around £75 so it is important to be fully committed to donating before signing up.